Since 2015 I held lectures, trainings, professional developments and workshops in several educational institutions, religious organizations, social facilities, trade associations, NGO, probationary services  and at the police to the following topics:

  • Religion-scientifically based approaches to the terms: Radicalization, Terrorism, Extremism, Religious Fundamentalism and Islamism
  • the roots of Salafism in Germany and Europe and its further development
  • the diversity of the Salafistic Scene in Germany and Europe
  • the (salafistic) Jihadi milieu in Germany and Europe
  • (Female) Foreign Fighters
  • Girls and women in the Salafi milieu
  • Prevention approaches towards religious radicalization
  • Framework for civic involvement

Selected Examples


July 2015


„Scientific Problems related to the field-research in the so called Salafi Milieu“

Lecture in context of the Conference „Salafism in discourse – Reconstruction, Deconstruction and Construction of an Islamic movement“

University of Bremen, Department of Religious Studies


September 2015

02. to 04. September 2015

„Transnational networks among Salafi in Europe“

Lecture in the context of the fifth meeting of PASCA: “Im-/mobilities as products and generators of conflict”, organized by the Institute of Peace-Research Frankfurt am Main and the Department of Social- and Culture-Anthropology of the Goethe-University in Frankfurt am Main

Westend-Campus University in Frankfurt, Frankfurt am Main


October 2015


The Contemporary Salafi-Movement in Germany: Approaches to a Distrustful Milieu

Nina Käsehage_Main-Speaker_Yogyakarta, Indonesien

Main-Speaker at the “6th Joint International Conference and Graduate Workshop on Islamic Studies Revisited: New Trends in the Study of Islam and Muslim Societies“, from the State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Indonesia and the Department of Philosophy of the Georg-August-University in Göttingen

State Islamic University of Sunan Kalijaga Yogyakarta, Indonesia


December 2015


„Women in Jihad – How Salafi Actor legitimate violence as appropriate in fight-situations“

Lecture in context of the Course: „Religion and Violence“, Winter-Semester 2015/16

University of Hannover, Department of Religious Studies, Sociology/Culture-Anthropology and Theology



„Women in the Islamic State (IS)“

Main Speaker and Conception of the Conference-Title and of two Workshops for a conference of the Federal Office of Political Education (bpb) “Dialog macht Schule”:„Young, radical, Muslim? – Conference about the increasing violence against Muslim and about radical Islam“

Verein niedersächsischer Bildungsinitiativen (VNB) e.V. Hannover in cooperation with the VHS-Hannover, the IGS Badenstedt and the Mediencampus Hannover; sponsored by the Federal Office for Family, Senior, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ) in context of the federal program “Living democracy“

VHS-Hannover, Hannover


February 2016


„Medicine towards the Terror? What could we do, to stop the violence?“

Participant of the panel-discussion of the HdR-event: „Religions in talk“, together with Elhakam Sukhni and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Manemann, moderated by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Reinbold

Haus der Religionen e.V. (HdR), Hannover


„The Salafi Scene in Germany – Views from the inside and the outside and its relations with the Islamic State“


Göttinger Senioren-Forums NEOKO with support of  Apex Kultur e.V.

Apex Kultur e.V., Göttingen


May 2016


“The Heterogeinity of the radicalization process of girls and young women in the jihadi-salafistic milieu –  Empirical proofs from the field research related to religious actor in the Jihad””

LEGATO, in cooperation with the Federal Office for Family, Senior, Women and Youth (BMFSFJ)

Legato, Hamburg



“What are the reasons for youths to become Jihadis? Potential Prevention-Approaches to stop this development”


Kirchenkreis Norden, Ostfriesland

Käsehage_Vortrag Norden



“Youths in the Holy War – How to ban the danger in the middle of our society”

Participant of the panel-discussion of the HdR-event: „Religions in talk“, together with Dr. Rudolf van Hüllen, Christian Hantel, Ansgar Focke Mdl, moderated by Simon Kremer (dpa)

Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung, Hannover


June 2016


“Al-Jannah! – Best Practice Examples from the Salafi-Jihadi-Milieu”


Conference of Zebis (Center for ethic education in the Forces) and ithf (Institute for Theology and Freedom), from 19.06. to 24.06.2016



July 2016


“The Heterogeneity of the Salafi Scene in Germany”


Forum Interreligious Dialogue

Georg-August-University of Göttingen


September 2016


“The different facet of Islam”


Religramme – Faces of religions



October 2016


“Gender role and sexuality in Islam and their salafistic interpretation with field-research examples”


Landesstelle Jugendschutz Hannover



November 2016


“Individual background and motives of female foreign fighters for joining the jihad and potential ways to canalize their negative energies in social participation”


Society for Terrorism Research & Universität Leiden

The Hague, The Netherlands



“The Salafistic Scene in Germany”


Landeshauptstadt Hannover – Fachbereich Soziales und Integration




“Arrival – Societal participation in coherency with interreligious challenges”


VHS-Langenhagen und LieZa



December 2016


“Salafismus made in Germany – Warum sich junge Menschen dem Salafismus anschließen”


AGAPLESION, Diakonieklinikum

Rotenburg (Wümme)


February 2017


“Aufwachsen in salafistischen Familien”

Lecture and Workshop

Arbeitsstelle Kinder- und Jugendschutz Landesstelle NRW e.V (AJS)



Mai 2017


“Salafismus als Protestkultur – Wie können wir der Szene in Niedersachen begegnen?”


Grüne Jugend Göttingen & Grüne Hochschulgruppe Göttingen

Georg-August-Universität Göttingen


June 2017

“Wege in die Gewalt – Attraktivitätsmomente für junge Menschen im deutschen salafistisch-dschihadistischen Milieu”


Schüler-Tagung, Sek II

Kloster Loccum


May 2018

‘Falling in love with martial jihad’ – Motives from salafistic-jihadistic girls/women among Europe for joining Jihad”


King´s College

London (UK)

September 2018

24. September 2018

International expert conference: ‘Frauen in Extremism – Causes, Concerns and Consequences’

Department Religious Studies and Interkultural Theology (University of Rostock) in cooperation with the International Observatory of Human Rights (IOHR)

University of Rostock (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern)

International expert conference ‘Women in Extremism’

Women in Extremism


My lectures at closed professional events are not mentioned at this point.